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An Easy Way To Get More Out Of Your AC

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Air conditioners rely on normal maintenance. That is, if you want your AC system to be as efficient as possible, and to produce as much cold are as possible, you need to follow the maintenance instructions. Of course, we all have busy lives and this is easier said than done. So, if your AC system hasn't been serviced that often over the last few years, perhaps you should consider some easy and effective DIY maintenance projects. Here is one quick and cheap cleaning project that could increase the efficiency of your AC.

What are the Condenser Coils?

The condenser coils line the exterior walls of the condenser unit. Usually on the outside of your home, the condenser unit is vital in the air transfer process because it is responsible for (to put it basically) pulling warm air out of your home. So, if the condenser coils are not doing their job, your home will not cool down as quickly.

Keeping the Coils Clean

And since the condenser coils are located on the outside, where they are exposed to the elements, they can and will get dirty. This is why most condenser units come with a cover, which is meant to be used during the off season. However, many homeowners never cover their condenser unit and the inevitable result is that their coils get dirty and become less effective. But even if you do cover your unit during the winter months, the coils can still get sufficiently dirty during the summer. So, it can be very helpful if you learn how to clean the coils. The job is simple and doesn't require any complicated tools or training. That being said, coil combs are sold at HVAC stores, and possibly an air conditioning company, but they aren't always necessary. These combs are used to remove the dirt from the space in between the coils fins (basically, the rows). They also straighten the coils, which helps with the heat dissipation.

But, a coil comb is not always necessary. You can often clean the coils sufficiently by simply spraying them with a steady stream of water. All you need is a hose. Do not use a pressure washer. Too much pressure can bend the coils, making the problem worse. You can use some mild soap or all-purpose household cleaners to break down the built up dirt before washing it away with a hose.

As you can see, the job is simple and essentially free so you can get started today.


25 September 2020