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Features To Look For In A High Pressure Water Pump System

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High-pressure water pumps are essential for a range of applications, from fire fighting to dust suppression. Because of the range of specifications that water pump systems are manufactured at, it's important to ensure that you look for specific features.


These pumps do not rely on oil as a lubricant. Instead, they only use water so that there is no contamination. 


High-pressure water pumps need to be high-performance to ensure that they always generate the pressure necessary to remain reliable. However, they must also be efficient so that they help you maintain a lower energy bill.

Source of Power

Water pumps that are used for fire fighting are most often powered by gasoline or diesel engines. This generates the power necessary to release water at a high pressure to effectively fight fires with. 


For the fire fighting pump to be effective, it must be protected from damage that can result from the fire. As a result, the pump is usually stored in a roll cage. Also, the pump needs to be made from durable materials to ensure that it is able to resist damage. The pump must be made of materials such as cast iron, aluminum, or steel.


Some high-pressure water pumps can be a very compact size that will allow it to fit anywhere that you need it. They can also be engineered to be very light-weight despite being made of durable materials. The pumps can also be flexibly configured for vertical or horizontal use. 

Cost of Operation

The overall costs of purchasing a high-pressure water pump system can vary. Find out how many hours of service a pump is expected to give you. This will allow you to know how soon you will need to replace the pump. Also, find out how efficient the water pump is because the efficiency can lead to the water pump being surprisingly affordable despite maintenance and operation costs. Also, some water pump systems have lower carbon emissions than others.

Pressure and Flow

Two important characteristics of a high-pressure water pump are PSI and flow. Flow is important because you will need the pump to be able to move the water from the pump to the point-of-use so the water can reach its target. The PSI determines how much force the water pump system will exert. High pressure will allow you to spray the water farther.

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6 March 2020