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2 Ways To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

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If you aren't happy with the way that your kitchen looks, you may feel the urge to completely redo it so that you like it better. The problem with that is that it can take a lot of money to completely redo your kitchen, and that can be out of your budget. If you want to change your kitchen around some so that you can make it look better, you don't have to do the whole thing all at once. You can start small and do new things as you can manage them. One of the things to start with is changing your cabinets. There are several things you can do to your cabinets to change their look. 

Change the Hardware

One thing that you can do is change the knobs, handles, and hinges of your cabinets. It's a little thing that is fairly simple and inexpensive, but it can give your cabinets a nice facelift. This is especially true if you do something like change the hardware from knobs to handles. There is a wide variety of cabinet hardware that you can choose from. You can even make some of your own, which can give your kitchen a really unique stamp. 

Change the Color

Another thing you can do is change the stain or paint on your cabinets. You can do this for the entire cabinet, or you can just do it on the doors. If you are going to do this, you may need to strip the cabinets before you can do anything. If you have to do that, then you may need to take the cabinets down off the wall. That is going to be a larger job, and you will need help in order to get the cabinets down off the wall safely. You will also want to make sure that you have plenty of space outside to do the job and that you can cover or protect your cabinets overnight, because you are going to need to give them plenty of time to dry no matter what you are going to do to them. 

Changing up your kitchen cabinets can be a good way to change the look of your room, and it is generally less expensive than a full kitchen remodel. If you want new cabinets, you should make sure that you talk to a carpenter or contractor who remodels cabinets so they can talk to you about what you want. 


6 March 2020