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Benefits Of Concrete Countertops For Your Commercial Space

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If you have a retail or commercial business and you need new counters, you might want to consider concrete as a medium. When you think about concrete, you may automatically think about floors. However, concrete countertops can be beautiful and robust. Here are some benefits of concrete countertops in a commercial space:

Highly Customizable

A major benefit to concrete countertops is how versatile and customizable they are. You can create concrete countertops in any shape, size, length, and form. You can design the counters specific to your business's needs. You cannot do this with granite or other natural stone material.

High Durability

Concrete is one of the most durable countertop options you can choose. The concrete has to cure completely before they are considered durable, but they are almost indestructible once the curing process is over. The concrete contractor will also seal the concrete once your counters are set to help them last even longer.

The sealing protects the concrete from scratches, dents, heat marks, stains, and more. If you are putting concrete countertops in a commercial kitchen, the contractor will use a sealant that is food safe. Outdoor concrete countertops also have a special sealing material that withstands extreme weather.

Fun Features

Another benefit of concrete countertops is how unique they look. A concrete countertop contractor works hard to create the countertops specifically for your space, and no two sets of counters are ever the same. Counters will have a similar texture and shading, but you will notice a lot of uniqueness that adds interesting and attractive differences that can be very appealing.

You could also have concrete counters that change color over a long time. You can choose a patina-like sealant that, like copper, allows the color of the concrete to change as it ages. This is a really attractive feature if your commercial space lends to this specific aesthetic.

One of the only downfalls to concrete countertops is the possibility of hairline cracks. This is not an issue with the concrete, but with the settlement of the building. If you are operating in an older structure, this may not be as prevalent as in a newer building. However, small hairline cracks can often lend to the charm of the counters.

Before you decide on your countertops, you need to make some considerations and get more info. You need to work with a quality concrete contractor who can form the counters. You also need to include some time ahead of when you actually need to begin using the counters, as they take some time to create, install, and cure.


13 December 2019