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Storm Windows Provide Many Of The Benefits Of Replacement Windows At A More Affordable Cost

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If you're tired of high heating bills while still being chilly in your home, the problem might be old and drafty windows. Replacement windows are a big investment, so you may want to consider storm windows instead. Here's how they can benefit your home when you have the windows installed.

Storm Windows Add More Insulation

Energy-efficient replacement windows usually have two panes of glass that trap air or a gas between them to improve the insulation of the glass. You can get a similar effect with storm windows. These windows don't replace your existing windows. Instead, they are installed inside or outside of them to act as a second layer of protection for your home that keeps out drafts and blocks heat transfer to make your old windows more energy-efficient.

The Windows Are Quick And Easy To Install

Replacement windows are difficult to install and this adds to their cost. Plus, it can take multiple days to put in new windows. Storm windows are easier to install, and you can even put them in and take them out yourself when you want to remove them to let in the breeze. Storm windows can raise up or be lowered like traditional windows or you can get the kind that are completely removed during mild weather months.

Storm Windows Improve Home Security

While you may want these windows mounted on the inside of your house to save on costs, you can also have them mounted outside when you want to add additional protection to your windows. If your windows are old, they may not be very secure and that makes them vulnerable to intruders. New storm windows are often made of higher quality frames, screens, and glass so they provide more protection for your home when placed on the outside. This could protect against storm damage as well as intruders. Even windows mounted on the inside could improve home security without having to pay for replacement windows.

These Windows Are Affordable

It's easier to fit storm windows into a tight budget than it is to afford replacement windows. However, you'll get many of the same benefits even though the cost is lower. You can buy these windows at different price points depending on the quality and features you choose. Your new windows could improve your home's energy efficiency and keep you warmer when it's cold and cooler when it's hot outdoors while lowering energy costs, protecting against intruders, muffling noise, and improving the appearance of your home.

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1 October 2019