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Protecting Your Home With Impact Windows

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If you live in an area that is prone to extreme weather, you may be concerned about flying debris damaging your home. In hurricane-prone areas, the glass in your home can be an area of concern but impact windows in your home can reduce the risk of debris getting through the glass and allowing you to keep the comfortable look and feel to the house.

Impact Glass

If you are considering impact glass for your home but are not sure that it is going to look good or work as well as your current glass, rest assured, most people will not be able to tell the difference between impact glass and standard window glass. The impact glass is different in that it is two panes of glass with a binder laminated between the glass layers. The binder is made from polyethylene plastic and you can not see it when you look through the window. 

If something hits the glass, the plastic binder keeps the glass in place, even if the glass breaks. It is similar to the way the windshield in a car works and it can take an extremely high impact without allowing the debris to penetrate the glass. 

Window Frames 

When you install impact-resistant glass in your home, you need to consider the weight of the window and the strength of the window frame. High strength impact glass is not going to work if the frame supporting the window can't take the strain of an impact. The window frame must be reinforced to work properly but any contractor that works with impact glass will know what it takes to support the window and keep it in place during a storm.

If you are concerned about the strength of the window frames, talk to your contractor and ask them about them. If nothing else, it may put your mind at ease and make you more comfortable with the windows. 

Local Requirements

In some areas of the country, the local government has mandated impact glass be installed in homes along the coast or in areas often impacted by hurricanes. While the cost to install the glass is higher, the protection is afforded may be worth the price tag if a major storm comes through the area. The confidence is so high in this glass, that some countries have allowed homeowners with this glass to remove the storm shutters from their property, making the home more aesthetically pleasing as well as safer.


29 May 2019