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4 Ideas For Customized, Built-In Garage Storage

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Although the original purpose of the garage was to house a vehicle, most people now use this space, at least in part, for storage. If you are building a new garage, you have the exciting opportunity to build storage space into your garage from the start. Here are four ideas for customized, built-in garage storage.

1. A Loft

If you cannot build your garage much larger than one or one-and-a-half car size, then consider building upward instead. Incorporating a loft that extends over half of the garage space is a good way to add storage. You can include a small staircase or even a roll-down ladder to allow access to the loft. The loft will be a convenient place to stash tote boxes and small items. You can even put your bikes up there to get them off the floor and protect them from moisture.

2. Cupboard Units

Another option is to have a cupboard unit, much like you would install in a kitchen, installed along the back wall of your garage. You can even include a counter, giving you a surface to work on. Plan on making your garage an extra five feet long to accommodate the cupboards and counter. This gives you about three feet for the depth of the cabinets, plus two feet of standing room in front of them.

3. Wall Shelves

If you really need to keep your garage small, you can just have some shelves built into the walls about four feet up. You will have to stand on a stool to access the items on them, but they will be above the level of most cars, so you don't have to worry about driving into them. Some hooks on the walls are also a convenient storage solution for items like extension cords and garden hoses.

4. An Overhead Rack

Another option is to have your garage builder add a hanging rack on the ceiling. This rack can be used to hold kayaks, ladders, and other long items. It should hang low enough that you can slide items into it but not so low that it would interfere with your vehicle. The overhead rack is a good alternative to the loft if you don't want to make your garage quite so tall.

For additional storage tips, talk to custom garage builders who can design your garage. They can tell you what has worked for others.


16 April 2019