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Types Of Asphalt Maintenance That Prolong The Life Of Your Parking Lot

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When you have an asphalt parking lot, you need to keep it in good repair so it makes a good impression on your guests and clients. Plus, a damaged lot could be a liability if it poses a tripping hazard or other danger. Keeping a parking lot maintained is easier when you have cracks and holes filled in when they're small. Here's a look at some of the repairs an asphalt paving company can do to keep your parking lot attractive and in good repair.

Repair Of Cracks And Tiny Holes

Cracks and small holes can usually be filled in if they're still small and there aren't many of them. This can be done by pouring sealer into the gaps to close the cracks and holes. It can be difficult to keep up with parking lot damage unless you have the lot inspected and maintained on a schedule so damage doesn't go unnoticed. Cracks and holes get bigger with time, so if they aren't filled in soon enough, then the lot may need to be resurfaced to restore it.

Fill Big Potholes

Potholes have to be patched by filling them individually. First, the crumbling asphalt has to be removed and the pothole cleaned out so no sand interferes with the patch job. Gravel or other filler might be placed in the hole and then the hole is filled with asphalt and tamped down. Potholes are a danger because they allow rain to run into the soil under the parking lot and this can lead to further damage.

Mill And Resurface

Milling is the process of grinding away the top portion of the parking lot. This removes damaged areas, bumps, and imperfections so a new top layer of asphalt can be applied. Milling is sometimes necessary to keep the resurfaced asphalt the same height in order to compensate for the added asphalt. Resurfacing makes the parking lot look like new, and it's a good option when the asphalt is worn out but the base underneath is still stable with years of life left.

By keeping up with these repairs, the asphalt paving company prolongs the life of your parking lot for as long as possible. However, asphalt lots may need to be replaced eventually, especially when problems develop with the base. This involves tearing out all the old asphalt, rebuilding the base, and pouring a new lot. It's a time-consuming and expensive process, so postponing it as long as possible by keeping up with repairs is a cost-effective practice.


16 January 2019