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Cover And Furnish The Courtyard That Adjoins Your Hotel

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If you recently purchased a high-rise hotel building that is located along the beach and have chosen to cover and furnish the courtyard that adjoins the hotel, consider the theme, logo, and color of the hotel when planning how to implement the new additions. A pleasant area that is protected from the elements will encourage your patrons to spend time outdoors while they enjoy the view and conversate with their loved ones.

Choose An Awning Style And Pattern

A retractable awning is an outdoor feature that will allow your patrons to enjoy the sunshine on pleasant days and be sheltered from the sun or rain on hot or rainy days. An awning is a feature that can also be a useful advertising tool if you choose a fabric cover that has the name of your hotel, symbolic colors, or an insignia added to it.

An awning will make it possible for people who have sensitive skin to spend time outdoors and will lower the temperature considerably on hot, steamy days. If you choose to open and retract the awning at specific intervals each day, clearly mark the hours that the awning will be erected or closed so that your guests can make their outdoor plans around the scheduling. 

Select Furnishings And Accessories

Make the outdoor area uniform by choosing chaise lounges, tables, and furnishings that have the hotel's insignia printed on them. The design patterns and colors should match the color of the awning or at least be a neutral or complementary color that won't clash with the awning's hue.

Think about some conveniences that your hotel guests may appreciate, such as trash cans, a food and beverage cart, and towels. If you choose to add a cart and towels, an umbrella should be placed over the cart, and the towels should be kept inside of a bin so that the items are not exposed to the sun or rain during the times that the awning is retracted.

Keep The Awning Maintained

The awning needs to be cleaned occasionally, especially if it will be installed next to tall, leafy trees. Before cleaning the fabric surface, post signs so that your guests are aware that the courtyard is temporarily inaccessible. Remove all of the furnishings and accessories from underneath the awning and place the items on the hotel's lawn.

Use a sturdy ladder to access the top of the fabric covering. Use a roof or deck brush with soft bristles and detergent to clean soiled spots on the awning. Spray water across the top of the awning before replacing the furnishings and outdoor features underneath the fabric covering.

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10 September 2018