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Scaffold Systems: Three Pre-Work Suggestions

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Scaffold systems give you and workers the benefit of height so you can easily and safely build structures, paint, or change the way existing structures look. Selecting appropriate systems and working with them requires some thought beforehand; the following information enables your projects to be done without scaffold-related problems.

Select Materials Based on Needs

While the budget is probably on your mind at all times, examining your work needs will allow you to select suitable scaffolds and systems for your workers and projects. For example, if you must erect scaffolding quickly, and there will only be a few workers on the system, aluminum is often an inexpensive, smart choice. It is not as heavy as other metals and can be erected rapidly. However, if there will be a steady stream of workers and heavy materials laid on the scaffolding, steel could be the superior material. 

You'll also need to look over different types of systems. H-systems, for instance, can be the most logical choice for bricks, concrete and heavy items; the structure enables a more sturdy foundation for workers, building products, and supplies. Being unsure isn't a problem; the scaffolding company can advise you.

Consider Fiberglass

While aluminum or steel is appropriate for many projects, be aware that fiberglass can sometimes be a good choice. Fiberglass doesn't rust or oxidize the way metals can. If you plan to purchase scaffolds, this is an important consideration so that you don't have to worry that the scaffolds will corrode. If you're working with caustic chemicals that could hasten the corrosion process, fiberglass materials could be key.

If you work with electricity, fiberglass could also be safer. Unlike steel or aluminum, fiberglass is a rather poor conductor. In addition, fiberglass is often crafted in the color orange, which can be immediately recognized by many as the color most associated with safety. It is also lightweight.

Train Properly

Before allowing any of your workers up onto the scaffolds, it's your responsibility to ensure they understand OSHA requirements and work safety standards. While they may be licensed professionals, it's often wise to conduct your own training sessions so that you can see, first-hand, that everyone knows how to behave and work on scaffolds. Discuss the need for wearing appropriate gear and knowing how to use personal fall arrest systems.

Scaffolds enable your company to complete projects safely. Using the above advice, you and workers can avoid trouble and injuries. Consult scaffolding companies for more information.


15 June 2018