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The Process Of Building A New Well On Your Property

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If you're looking at property in the country to build a home, one of the first things you'll want to know is if you'll have municipal water or if you need to build your own well. Buying the property should be contingent on the availability of an adequate water supply. Once you own the land, it's a good idea to establish the location of the well before planning where to build your house. Here are some things to know about having a new well built by a company like Jackson Well Services.

Choose The Best Location

Ultimately, the best location for your new well is where the contractor finds a plentiful supply of water. Besides that, you'll need to comply with local codes for the distance the well must be from certain landmarks. There could be regulations for how far a well has to be from your property line, nearby road, trash pit, and septic system. In addition, the contractor will examine the slope of the land to ensure runoff doesn't head for the well. This could mean the well should be on an elevated portion of your property.

Find An Adequate Source Of Water

It's possible your contractor will find an excellent source of water on the first try. It's also possible the first try will yield a low water supply and another attempt will be made on your property. This is why it's a good idea to find the ideal location for your water well first and then plan the location of your septic system, home, and other buildings around it. The contractor will check for the depth of the water in the well and how fast it can pump out to supply your home with all the water it needs when appliances and showers are taken simultaneously.

Build The System

Building a water well involves a lot more than just drilling a hole in the ground. There are several components to the system so getting a new well involves drilling and building the system. The depth of the well depends on the location of the underground water supply, so the well may need to be hundreds of feet deep and it might take days to reach the water depending on the geology of the property. Once the drilling is complete, a casing is placed in the hole to create a housing for the well pump.

An electrical connection is installed and water lines are put in to connect the pump to a holding tank inside your house. The holding tank stores water so you can use water without having to operate the submerged well pump continuously. A cap tops the well so the inside can be accessed for maintenance. This cap should be checked occasionally to make sure it isn't cracked or damaged because that will allow contaminants into the well system.

Testing the water for contaminants annually and having regular preventative maintenance is an important part of caring for a private well. This not only ensures you'll have an adequate supply of water for your needs, but it also makes sure the water is safe to drink.


7 February 2018