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Does Stains On The Gutters Indicate A Problem?

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After, or during, the rainy season, many homeowners notice peculiar tiger stripe patterns forming on their gutters and wonder if this means their systems are going bad. Although it may look terrible, that striping is actually fairly normal. Here's what you need to know about it and what you should look for instead when determining whether your gutters need to be replaced.

Tiger Striping is Caused by Water Droplets

When your gutters are exposed to the elements, they are bound to accumulate a thin layer of dirt. Most of the time, you probably wouldn't notice it since the change tends to happen gradually. However, when it rains, droplets of water sometimes roll down the exterior side of the gutters rather than the interior and essentially cleans that sliver of space on it's way down, hence the tiger striping.

These water droplets are completely normal, and generally don't indicate anything is wrong with your gutters. In fact, they shouldn't harm the gutters or your home at all. The only time you really need to be concerned about the tiger striping is when you're ready to sell your home. The striping does look unattractive, so you want to have to have the gutters completely cleaned before showing the home to potential buyers.

Signs Your Gutters Need Repair or Replacing

While droplets of water falling down the side of the gutters is normal, having streams of water cascading over the edge is not. Whether it's a thin rivulet or a waterfall, having water overflowing from your gutters indicate either they are clogged or too small to accommodate the water flow.

Water dripping (or pouring) from the bottom of the gutters may mean there are holes in the material allowing the rain to leak out, while moisture seeping out of the seems and joints may mean these areas have weakened and are coming apart. Lastly, if the water appears to be leaking from behind the gutters, that means they were not installed properly and are allowing water to flow down the side of fascia board and home.

It's a good idea to inspect your gutters on the next dry day for clogs, rust, holes, and other damage. If everything appears to be fine but you're still experiencing leaks or water is flowing to undesirable places, then it's best to have a gutter expert come out and look at them for you. He or she can let you know about other problems that may be causing the issue.

For assistance with this or other gutter troubles, contact a local repair and gutter installation company.


27 December 2017