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Two Rules For Better Paint Jobs

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If you hire a professional interior designer, one of the first home upgrades they will usually suggest is a simple paint job. Just repainting your walls will completely update your color palette and change the way your entire room looks. It also happens to be a very popular remodel because the labor is simple, the supplies are affordable, and you don't need to have any training. Painting is one of the best DIY remodels. However, to make your paint job look more polished, you should follow these two simple rules:

Don't Rely on Painter's Tape

The first rule might be surprising. That is, you should never rely just on painter's tape to create perfect lines. Homeowners often think that if they apply some tape, and firmly push it down, it will hold and create a perfectly sealed line. This just isn't the case. The more textured your walls are, the less effective the tape is going to be.

So, what are your options if you can't just rely on painters tape? First, if you feel confident enough, you can paint your edges without using any tape at all. Free-handing the lines is going to take longer, but it could be a great method if you have some experience with a paintbrush. The key to painting straight lines without any tape is to follow the natural lines of the wall. That is if you are painting a drywall corner, just follow the corner.

Another choice you have is to use spackling paste in addition to painter's tape to create your lines. To do this, you will apply your tape and then rub some spackling paste over the side you're going to paint over. The paste will fill in any cavities where the paint would have seeped underneath the tape. This will create a much crisper line.

Paint Your Ceilings Too

Another important rule to follow is to always paint your ceilings. If you're going to give your walls a fresh new color, applying a new white ceiling paint is going to also have a huge impact. You might look at your ceilings as they are and think they look perfectly white. When you apply the new ceiling paint, you will notice the disparity. Old ceiling paint is bound to get tinted and faded over time. With new color on your wall and a white ceiling, your room will look completely different. Furthermore, if you create clean lines and transitions between different paint colors, it will look like professional house painters handled your job.


21 November 2017