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The Benefits Of Soil Stabilization Before Building A Road

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If you are looking to construct a road on your own private land, you are responsible for constructing and maintaining that asphalt surface, not the city or county you reside in. Before laying the asphalt down, soil stabilization is something that you may want to consider if the road is being constructed on terrain that is hilly or rocky. Learning the benefits of soil stabilization will help you decide if it is something you should invest in before constructing your road. Here are a few of those benefits. 

Aids in Compacting the Soil

One of the major benefits of soil stabilization is that it aids in compacting the soil. When soil stabilization is done, the soil is often compacted. There are different soil stabilization techniques, but the most common consist of adding additives to the soil and then squishing the soil together. This technique helps to prevent soil erosion and rock slides, which in turn helps to keep your roadway clear and passable. 

Reduces the Pavement Thickness Level

One of the lesser known benefits of soil stabilization is that it helps to reduce the thickness level of the asphalt that needs to be laid. When soil is stabilized, it creates a thick ground layer that your asphalt can be constructed on. Due to its thickness, less asphalt is needed. If the soil was not stabilized, more asphalt would be poured to ensure the road is thick and durable. 

Extends the Life of Your Road

Soil stabilization helps to prevent soil from eroding away. One of the benefits associated with this in regards to an asphalt road is that it helps to prevent cracks and pot holes from forming in your asphalt surface. Soil erosion causes the asphalt surface to shift, which is one of the top causes for cracks and pot holes. Stopping soil erosion helps to extend the lifespan of your asphalt road. 

Increases How Much Weight Can Be Placed on the Road

The last benefit to soil stabilization before building a road is that it increases how much weight the road can bear. If you are driving large or heavy-duty trucks, SUVs or other heavy cars across the road, you want a road that can support the weight of the cars that you want to drive. Soil stabilization makes this a possibility. 

Soil stabilization is not an inexpensive project. But it has many benefits associated with it. Learning these benefits allows you to determine if the benefits support the cost of the project. For more information, contact companies like Geotech Solutions Inc.


19 October 2017