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Four Common Ways Homeowners Ruin Their Driveways

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Having your driveway replaced is not cheap, so it makes sense that you'd want yours to last as long as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners make mistakes that end up ruining their driveways or decreasing their lifespan. If you're practicing any of these behaviors, it's time to stop -- for the sake of your driveway.

Parking heavy vehicles on the driveway

Your driveway is certainly made for you to park your car or truck on it. However, if you rent a large moving truck or you own an RV, parking these items on your driveway may cause it to crack and develop small potholes prematurely. Park these vehicles on your lawn or have a concrete pad installed for them instead. You may even want to store your RV or boat at a storage facility rather than in your driveway.

Using rock salt for de-icing

Salt may be the classic, go-to product for melting ice in the winter, and it's certainly cheap. However, it does cause your asphalt to weaken and break down prematurely. Spend a little more on a salt-free, liquid de-icing product. You'll more than save the difference when you don't have to call for driveway repairs so soon. Plus, these products are a lot easier to apply. You generally pour them onto the driveway before snowfall, and they work for weeks on end to keep the driveway from freezing over.

Driving with snow chains

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall, you may put chains on your tires in order to make it through tough, packed snow. But these chains are hard on your driveway, especially when it has already been cleared of snow. Try using snow tires on your car instead of chains. They'll give you a similar level of traction, but they won't scrape and crack your driveway like chains can.

Shoveling with a metal shovel

When the time comes to shovel snow off your driveway, pay close attention to the shovel that you choose. Metal shovels can scrape the sealer off your driveway, exposing it to the harsh elements and causing it to break down prematurely. They can even leave deeper scratches in the driveway. These may then accumulate water, and when the water freezes, they'll expand. Use a plastic shovel instead, as it won't scrape the driveway.

If you stop using rock salt, avoid parking heavy vehicles on your driveway, use a plastic shovel, and switch to snow tires rather than chains -- your driveway will thank you. For more information, contact a business such as A Thru Z Construction.


24 August 2017