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Stopping Your Clogged Plumbing Problems: 4 Quick And Easy Solutions To Clean Drains

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Dealing with clogged drains is something that almost every homeowner must deal with. Sometimes, a plunger is just not enough to solve your plumbing problems. There are faster solutions that professional plumbers use to quickly clear clogs and get your plumbing working again. Here are some of the best solutions to quickly get drains cleared to start using the plumbing in your home again.

1. Taking A Bite Out of Drain Clogs with Plumbing Snakes

Plumbing snakes are rigid flexible cables that are sent down pipes to work stubborn clogs loose. There are small snakes that you can get from the hardware store to use for clearing clogged drains. Sometimes, the plumbing snake needs to be longer, which professional plumbers have electric snakes on long spools that can remove clogs that are deep inside the pipe; where a snake from the hardware snake does not reach.

2. Using Water Jet Cleaning to Clear Buildup and Clogs from Pipes

 The older plumbing drains in homes often get buildup that eventually becomes to narrow for water to pass through. When caked up pipes become completely clogged, there may be blockages in several areas of the pipe. To clear the pipe and the buildup that cakes up on the walls of pipes, a water jet technique can be used. The water jet is high pressure water that is used to clear clogs and clean buildup and grime inside the lines. Water jet drain cleaning can also be used to clear roots in sewer lines if they have not caused too much damage yet.

3. Replacing Collapsed and Damaged Sewer Lines That Cannot Be Cleared

Sometimes, all the plungers, snakes and water jets are not enough to clear the clogs. This usually means that there is a damaged line somewhere. Usually, a plumber will be able to replace the damaged section of line to quickly get your plumbing working again. If the sewer lines are made of outdated materials that are deteriorating, consider eventually replacing the entire sewer line to avoid future problems. If there is damage to the main sewer line in more than one section, it will need to be completely replaced.

These are some of the fastest ways to get your clogged drains flowing again. If you have drains that are clogged and interrupting your family's daily routines, contact a professional plumber to help with one of these quick and easy solutions for drain problems. You can look at more info here.


26 July 2017