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3 Things You Need To Know About Brick Chimney Repair

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If the main highlight in your home is a wood burning brick chimney and you use it continually, you're going to require more than chimney cleaning eventually. Hopefully you've been having annual chimney inspections performed so there's only the potential of a few minor repairs being necessary. Keeping your chimney well repaired will also help to protect your roof, so take care of any crumbling bricks or damaged chimney crown issues that have been made obvious. Use these three facts about chimney repair to help maintain your home so that you can keep burning wood in the fireplace and enjoying your favorite home feature.

1. Chimney Cleaning Is Essential To Repair - Proper chimney repair services can't be performed if the area hasn't been cleaned and freed of all debris. Since a lot of smoke passes through the average chimney, copious amounts of soot can collect inside and be deposited all along the chimney crown. You can probably keep your fireplace fairly clean by sweeping it out but professional chimney cleaning also needs to take place if you want to find out if you need to make repairs.

2. Only Silicone Caulk Should Be Used - When crumbling bricks and holes are found in a chimney, either caulk or mortar needs to be used to fix it up. You want to have your chimney repair service use silicone caulk as it is fire resistant as well as waterproof. Using silicone based caulk on your brick chimney will help to preserve the areas that have been repaired without needing additional preventative maintenance.

3. A Damaged Chimney Crown Is A Liability - The chimney crown is what helps to protect roofing systems from smoke damage. If chimney repairs aren't made to the crown in a timely manner, you could be looking fire damaged shingles or worse, a roof that needs to be replaced entirely. Your roofing contractor can look at your chimney during normal roof inspections to see if you have a chimney crown that requires repair.

Maintaining your brick chimney will enable you to utilize your fireplace at will and enjoy warm fires inside your house on a regular basis. Most brick chimney repair services are quickly administered as they generally only require some mortar and a few replacement bricks. Even if you don't use your fireplace that often, you should still have your chimney inspected and repaired so that there are never any hidden fire safety issues.

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15 June 2017