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Radiant Floor Heating: A Look At The Advantages In Your Medical Office Setting

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Even though radiant heating is often thought of as a residential component, this form of heating works just as well in a business setting. This is especially true in medical office settings, but most owners will never give radiant heating serious thought. If you are looking to upgrade the current heat system you have or are actually in the process of constructing a new medical office building, it is definitely worth your time to consider radiant heating as one of your options. Take a quick look at three of the biggest advantages radiant heating can offer top your medical office building. 

Radiant heat is super quiet compared to forced air systems. 

If you walk into a building that has some form of forced air heat system, you will immediately notice the telltale whoosh of air running through the ducts and vents. However, if you walk into a space that has radiant heating, you will never hear a thing. One great advantage of radiant heating is the fact that it does not make noise during operation. Because the heat is created through a series of lines that warm up the floor and concurrently the rest of a space, there is no noise to hear. In a medical office setting, this can be incredibly convenient because the sound of your heat system will not interfere with what really needs to be heard. 

Radiant heat systems are an efficient way to keep the space warm. 

Keeping your medical office as efficient as possible in every respect is the key to keeping profits high and operating costs as low as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that you have a heat system that is as efficient as you can get, and a radiant floor heating system will fit the bill. Radiant heating is highly efficient for a lot of reasons, but most notably because it reduces the need for excess energy for forcing heat through the ducts. 

Radiant heating offers an even, consistent temperature throughout the building.

Have you ever walked into a building and noticed the temperature fluctuates from one room to the next? This is because the heat delivered through the ducts and vents is not consistent. With radiant floor heating, this is no concern. While every room or space may have its own operating thermostat, you can also use the master thermostat to control the entire system. Therefore, every room will have a consistent temperature. 


1 June 2017