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3 Ways To Help You Resolve Your Home's Blocked Sewer Line

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When your home's sewer main becomes clogged between your home and the city sewer connection, it is your responsibility as the homeowner to unclog and repair or replace it. There can be several causes for a clogged sewer main and different ways to remedy each problem. Here are three ways you can follow to remedy a blocked sewer line.

Clear Sewer Line

Often you sewer line can become clogged from every day use including rinsing dishes and using your kitchen sink disposal. Over time, this accumulation of greases, oils, food particles, and other waste can build up on the interior or your sewer line and quickly clog the flow.

When this occurs, you may notice all your home's drains flowing slowly or not at all, and you may encounter sewage backing up into downstairs and basement drains. You can hire a plumbing professional to clear out the blockage with their sewer snake or auger.

As an additional step it can be helpful to have the plumbing professional inspect your sewer line's interior with a camera, looking for any damage to your line or intrusion of tree roots. If there is structural damage to your sewer line, you will need to consider replacing the pipe.

Replace Sewer Line

If you discover your sewer line has become structurally damaged from the weight of the soil above it, the pipe's age, being made of a non-long lasting material, or because of intrusive tree roots, you will need to replace it with a new sewer line. Depending on the length of your sewer line and the replacement option you choose, your cost as the homeowner can vary.

Fortunately, there are many options for replacement of your home's sewer line without excavating the entire line and disturbing the soil and landscaping in your yard above the sewer main. Often, the plumbing company you hire for the replacement can insert the new pipe through the old and restore the flow of your home's sewer to the city sewer without full pipe excavation. Talk to your plumbing professional about pricing for trenching replacement and trenchless replacement options. 

Treat Invasive Tree Roots

Another cause of a clog in your home's sewer line can be from trees growing in your yard. As their root systems naturally seek out moisture and nutrients, trees can be attracted to your sewer line. This can result in the roots attaching themselves to its exterior and growing through any crack or gap in the pipe to invade the pipe's interior. 

Fortunately, you don't need to remove or kill the tree to eliminate this problem. After clearing the roots from your line with a plumber snake, treat your sewer main with sodium chloride, or rock salt. Flush this into your toilet before retiring for the night, which will allow the sodium chloride penetrate the roots inside the pipe without harming the tree. Repeat this every few weeks to maintain a root-free sewer line.

Use these tips to help you resolve and repair your sewer line clog.


15 May 2017