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Suggestions For Insulating A House

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Does the inside of your house sometimes reach extreme temperatures depending on the weather? Such a problem usually points to a house not being properly insulated, which can stem from several things being wrong. If you are ready to resolve the problem, it is important to find out where changes need to be made in your house. Your investment in getting the house insulated will not only save money on energy expenses, but can add more value to it. This article covers some of the things that can be done to obtain better insulation your house.

1. Purchase Quality Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are common areas for air to enter and exit a house. The quality of the windows and doors can affect the insulation qualities of a house. For example, it is important for windows to have thick panes of glass, or have more than one pane in order for them to provide good insulation. Your doors should be made of quality wood or metal to prevent air from seeping through. It is also important for weather strips to be used around your doors.

2. Get Damaged Drywall Repaired

Damaged drywall can lead to air getting coming in and out of your house. You should look for holes in the walls and seal them up. It is also wise to look for soggy areas in the wall, such as damage from water leaks. Soggy drywall can affect energy efficiency in the same way that holes can. A contractor can easily replace the soggy areas on your behalf, but make sure the leaks are repaired to prevent the same problem from occurring.

3. Consider an EIFS for the Exterior of the House

An exterior installation and finish system (EIFS) is a great technique that you can consider for insulating your house. A coating of plastic foam cladding will be placed on the outside of your house. What the coating does is prevent air from seeping through the walls. An EIFS is actually ideal even if there is already insulation in the wall cavities, as your house will be more energy efficient. Don't worry about the coating detracting from the appeal of your house, as it can actually improve the appearance. You can get more details on this from companies like Corrado Construction.

4. Make Sure the Roof Deck isn't Damaged

Get you roof deck inspected to make sure there are no holes in it. Even small holes can prevent your house from being energy efficient. You might have to get the roof reconstructed if there is a severe amount of damage. However, a roofer can likely patch up small holes without a problem.


6 May 2017