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3 Reasons To Switch To Artificial Grass If You Have Dogs

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If you have dogs, you may want to consider switching to artificial grass instead of traditional grass in your yard. Here are three reasons why using artificial grass is a smart idea when you have dogs.

#1 Eliminate Yellow Lawn Spots

One of the issues with a regular lawn is that your dog's urine actually kills your grass, which can result in multiple yellow spots on your yard. With artificial grass, you no longer have to worry about yellow spots on your yard. Your dog's urine will not damage your artificial grass. All you need to do to clean up after your dog is occasionally spray your yard down with water to clean it off if it has not rained in a while.

#2 No More Worn Down Paths

Lots of dogs like to walk the same paths, over and over again, in the yard. This can lead the the creation of trails in your yard, where the grass has effectively been killed, leaving a dirt trail path along your dog's favorite walkways. This dirty trail can look unsightly, and can be eliminated with artificial grass. Artificial grass does not get worn down the same way that regular grass does, so you will not have to worry about worn down, dirt trails in your yard anymore.

#3 Reduce Ticks & Fleas

Another great benefit of artificial grass is that it doesn't harbor ticks and fleas in the same way that regular grass does. It does not present the ideal environment for ticks and fleas to grow. If fleas or ticks do become present in your artificial grass, you can treat them with the same treatment you would use on the carpet inside of your home. You should still treat your dogs with tick and flea treatment; however, they shouldn't encounter so many ticks and fleas outside when you install artificial grass instead of traditional grass in your yard, especially if you also fence in your yard.

#4 Reduce Exposure To Harmful Chemicals

Switching to artificial grass is also a great way to reduce the harmful chemicals that your dogs could be exposed to with a natural lawn. With regular grass, you have to put down fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides. Although all of these three types of chemicals are safe for your lawn, they are generally not safe for your dogs. When you put chemicals down on your lawn, you have to keep your dogs off your lawn to reduce their chance of exposure to chemicals. By using artificial grass instead, you eliminate the need to use these harsh and harmful chemicals all together, and eliminate the chance that your dogs will be harmed by any lawn chemicals that you need to use. 


24 April 2017