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What Leads To Home Mold Problems?

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If you have an experience with mold in your home, you are probably eager to avoid having any more problems in the future. The issue is that there are several possible ways that mold can enter your home and spread. Here are some areas to look out for when protecting your home against mold.

Mold Requires Moisture

If you have mold problems, it's probably related to an excess of moisture in your home. That could be a result of improper insulation from the elements. Check the condition of roofing and siding to see where water is getting in. You probably also need to review your basement waterproofing because rainwater is a great source of moisture in the home if it seeps in through your foundation.

Those methods will help you keep moisture out, but you could also have methods inside your home for removing moisture. Certain climates are simply humid and invite moisture into the home. A dehumidifier can be set up to monitor the humidity of your home and remove moisture from the air as needed. You might even be more comfortable in your home with a dehumidifier that makes the air more fit for human consumption.

Your bathroom is probably the area in your home with the most moisture. Bathroom remodels can solve a lot of the problem with mold. For one, look into the costs of installing additional ventilation in this area if you typically notice a lot of steam that lingers after a shower or bath. Or try some natural ventilation by opening windows or installing large windows. Avoid the mold that collects on shower curtains by replacing your shower enclosure with glass shower doors.

HVAC Systems Can Spread Mold

If you get mold in one part of your home, the HVAC system is a great vehicle to transport mold throughout the home. A mold spot will release spores in the air that can transfer to other rooms and create mold problems there. That's why HVAC cleaning is so important if you have mold in your home. Replace the filters, check on your AC repair condition, and clean duct work and apply a mold killing solution. Your air conditioning installation is an especially important area to check since there are several sources of moisture within an AC system that can be a good place for mold to start.

Improper Mold Remediation Leads to Repeat Problems

Always have a mold remediation team take a look at your mold problems. If you aren't killing all of the mold while cleaning, it's only a matter of time before the mold grows back. A mold remediation team will kill mold that's on the surface of walls and other structures, while also advising you if you need to replace drywall and other materials that may have mold left in the structure.

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30 March 2017