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Planning To Revamp Your Flower Beds And Garden This Spring? Tips For You

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When you are sitting inside your home as the cold winter winds rage outside, you may find yourself wondering what your yard and garden spaces will look like once the snow and ice clear and you are able to see green grass and flowers again. If, in the process of all this thinking and imagining, you have decided that the time has come to revamp your flower beds and your garden this spring, you may want to start taking some steps to get the process started. Get to know a few basic tips to help you in the landscaping revamping process so that you can spend the last few months of winter taking action to get ready for spring.

Test Your Soil in the Winter

If you want to change up your landscaping scheme, you want to be sure that your soil is in good enough shape and is of the right composition to support the plants that you want to grow in your flower beds and garden. Luckily, soil testing can be done at virtually any time of year, but for spring flowers and gardens, it is best done in the winter so that you can prepare for any adjustments you have to make. 

Get a kit or find a soil testing service and take samples of the soil in the areas that you want to make changes in your yard. Finding out what makes up the soil in those areas, including clay content and mineral composition, can help you determine if you will need to add topsoil, carefully composed garden soil, or nothing at all.

Place an Order for Your Topsoil or Other Ground Cover

If you want to be first in line to get your landscaping supplies in the spring, you can and should place your order for topsoil, garden soil, and any other ground cover that you want and need to complete your planned changes. The sooner your pre-order these supplies, the more quickly you will get them when you are ready to begin your landscaping endeavors in the spring.

In addition to choosing your soil, you may need gravel, mulch, and fertilizer. Many excavation and other landscaping supply companies will take pre-orders on bulk items like soil, gravel, and the like for spring and may even offer free delivery or other perks forgetting your order in ahead of time.

These are two of the early steps that you can take in preparing for your new landscaping projects that you have planned for the spring in your garden and flower beds. You will be well on your way to a fresh and new landscaping design before winter is even over.


27 December 2016