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How You Can Replace A Worn Cedar Shake Shingle On Your House

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Cedar Shake roofing shingles dry out and break apart over time and will need to be replaced to ensure your roof is properly protected against the snow and rain. The actual job of replacing the shingle is something that most homeowners can do by themselves in a few minutes. If you have a broken cedar shingle on your roof, here is how you can replace it with a new one.

You Will Need:

  • Replacement Shingles
  • Regular Hammer
  • Flat Pry Bar
  • Penny Nails

Remove Old Shingle

Take your flat pry bar and place it under the broken shingle. You need to lift the shingle up to break it loose from the other shingles and so you can remove the nails in the lower part of the shingle. The shingles are long and you will not be able to get all the nails out of it at the top of the shingle without causing damage to the other good shingles above the broken one. What you need to do is lift up the broken shingle up a little and then hit down on it with the claw end of the hammer. This will cause the shingle to break away from the nails at the top of the shingle so you can slide the broken one out.

Replace the Shingle

Cedar shake shingles come in various sizes and you will need to find a cedar shingle that fits into the slot where the broken one was. The important thing is that the shingle is wide enough to cover the seam in the shingles below the broken one. Cedar shingles are laid side by side on each row. The top row of shingles is set so it covers the seams in the shingles on the row below it. This keeps water from draining through the seams and into the attic of your house.

Slide the top of the shingle up under the shingle above it and tap it up with a hammer. The bottom of the shingles should match up on each row for a uniform look, but before you tap the replacement shingle all the way up into position, you should put a couple of nails in the replacement shingle so the shingle above it covers them. The trick to doing this is stopping the bottom of the replacement shingle about a half inch or so before it becomes even with the other shingles on the row. You then hammer a couple of penny nails into the replacement shingle just below the bottom end of the top shingle. Once the nails are in place, tap again on the bottom of the replacement shingle until you force the heads of the nails up under the good shingle on top of the replacement one. Make sure the bottom of the replacement shingles is even with the bottom of the other shingles on the same row.

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17 October 2016