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How To Transform Your Concrete Yard - No Demolition Required

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Many people looking to purchase their first homes daydream about what it would be like to wake up early to mow the lawn, or work in the garden. The fact of the matter is, many homes don't come with a traditional yard at all. Instead of hiring a demolition team, learn about the various ways that you can turn your concrete yard into a homeowner's sanctuary.

Making The Most Of A Concrete Yard

Depending on where reside, concrete yards could be the norm. Concrete yards are actually quite common in highly populated cities, where the cost of real estate can be quite expensive. Since concrete is low maintenance and requires little to no upkeep, it can actually be an advantage for homeowners who don't want to be bothered with yard work.

In addition to concrete etching and staining, you can actually customize your concrete yard, just as you would a traditional backyard. Sheds, playhouses, and even swimming pools frequently appear in yards fashioned out of concrete. If you have lofty plans for your yard, consulting with a professional construction contractor will give you a better idea of all of your options.

Creative Ways To Build On Concrete

Although concrete is a nearly impenetrable force, there are several tools that can be harnessed to modify concrete yards, slabs and foundation. Hammer drill bits are powerful enough to break through concrete without destroying it. If you want to anchor a steel clothesline, or even install an outdoor light post in your concrete backyard, you will need to create a small but deep hole.

With the use of headed stud anchors, virtually any type of structure can be built safely over concrete. While you will definitely need to hire an architect to add a secondary living structure in a concrete backyard, most minor projects can be completed with just a hammering drill and headed anchor studs.

Think Carefully Before Altering Concrete

While property owners are easily able to make changes to their concrete yards, remember that these changes will ultimately be fairly permanent. Filling in holes in concrete is possible, but there's also a chance that the color difference will be quite noticeable. For this reason, you should be certain of the all changes prior to getting started on any outdoor construction project.

Making minor alterations with smaller holes will also lessen the risk of cracking concrete in your yard. Using the smallest head stud anchors and bolts available will still provide plenty of strength when installing light fixtures, decks and other additions to concrete, while also being easier to hide.


3 October 2016