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Additional Services You Should Ask Your Courier About


Whether you have a one-time order to place with a courier or if you are starting a small business and need to find a courier to ship with regularly, it is important that you ask about additional services the courier offers. Additional services, such as scheduled delivery or cash-on-delivery, may cost more than basic delivery fees, but they can help ease your mind and make shipping and receiving packages more convenient. 

Scheduled Delivery

A scheduled delivery is important because it allows the recipient to know exactly when they should expect their package. This way they can be there to sign for their package without wasting an entire day or multiple days waiting for their package to arrive. Usually, scheduled deliveries have an hour-long window in which the courier will arrive and you are offered a discount or reimbursement if the courier does not arrive at the specified time. 


If you are selling items, you may want to offer cash-on-delivery. This can often be combined with a service that allows a recipient to inspect the contents a package and determine if they actually want to receive it. Of course, if the recipient refuses to pay for the package you will be forced to pay for both the initial shipping and return shipping costs, but this can be a good way to get products to customers without asking for money upfront. 

Purchasing By Courier 

Related to cash-on-delivery is purchasing by courier. In this circumstance, a courier goes to a shop and makes a purchase in your name and then brings the purchased item to you. This is a good option if you are purchasing from a retailer who does not have online purchasing options. It is also a common option in large cities where couriers are used to bring lunch and other food supplies to office buildings. 

In most cases, when you utilize purchasing by courier, you will be asked to have a credit card on file with the courier company to ensure that you will cover the costs of the goods, but you may be able to pay in cash when the goods arrive to prevent your card from being charged. 

Shipping Insurance 

Any time you are shipping something of value, you may want to order extra insurance for your package. Shipping insurance covers the cost of replacing items of significant worth if they are damaged or lost while they are being shipped. For most courier services, items under $100 are automatically covered. However, if your item is worth more than $100, you may have to declare its value and pay for extra shipping insurance. 

However, not all companies offer shipping insurance for items of significant value and not all companies offer shipping insurance to all locations. It is important that you make sure your specific items, amount, and shipping location are all covered by the insurance that your courier of choice offers. Otherwise, you might want to look into another courier service. 

Shipment Tracking 

Almost all courier services offer shipment tracking. The real question is what kind of features the shipment tracking includes. For example, some companies only update your order when a package is received at the final destination while others update your order every time it changes hands in the company. Additionally, some companies have dedicated smartphone apps that allow you to easily receive updates about your order. This can be a good feature to look for if you find yourself worried about shipments and constantly checking your courier's website for updates about the location of your package. 

Before you ship your package with a courier service like Morningside Courier Systems, consider whether you need these features and ask about their prices. 


25 March 2016