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Child Proofing Your Garage Door

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When it comes to dangers that can befall your child, there are numerous things lurking within the confines of your house. The first thing that comes to mind is making sure electric sockets are childproofed by placing hard plastic covers over unused outlets. Other examples abound, such as making sure all hazardous materials are stored in a place where your children cannot reach them. However, many people tend to skip over garage door safety, but there are a number of things  you can do to childproof your garage door to ensure your kids stay safe. 

Make Sure Your Garage Door Opener Is Out Of Reach

If you have an automatic garage door, as most people do these days, make sure you keep your garage door opener out of the hands of your children. Although automatic garage door openers are very much a convenience, they can be easily operated, even by a small child.

If a small child has access to such a device, he or she can easily open the door, bewitched by it opening and closing by itself. However, this process can be quite dangerous as a child can easily walk into the path of the garage door opening or closing, which can cause broken bones and in some documented cases, death.

It is highly recommended you invest in a keychain opener for your garage door. This way, your garage door opener can be on your person at all times, you'll rarely lose it, and most importantly, it will be out of the way of your children.

Keep Your Garage Door Locked

If you want to go to some rather extensive lengths to keep your garage door secure, it is highly recommended that you get a deadbolt to place on your garage door. This might invalidate the use of an automatic garage door opener, as this means you will have to get up, unlock the door to your garage door, then relock it when the garage door comes back down.

By using a deadbolt lock, you are ensuring that your child will be unable to open or close the door and put him or herself in a dangerous situation. Deadbolt locks can be installed yourself and are usually attached to the pulley mechanism at the top of the garage door to prevent any movement. A small inconvenience is not a bad price to pay for the piece of mind of knowing that your child cannot put him or herself in harm's way.

Install Movements Sensors On Your Garage Door

Movement sensors were once a very big deal in the world of garage safety. Now, thankfully, they've largely become commonplace. Sensors are two small movement monitors that are placed on either side of your garage door, quite low to the ground. These sensors will detect any movement that passes through their "field of vision" (which is, in fact, two infrared sensors that are able to detect anything that passes through them).

These are great because in days where children that are left unattended might be tempted to run through a garage door that is closing, these movement sensors can detect that child's movement, and will automatically set itself towards the upright position. Movement sensors have helped parents avoid tragedy many times throughout the years.

It's not particularly hard to childproof your garage door. All you need is a bit of know how and a little bit of elbow grease and you're well on the way to making the world – or at least your world – a safer place. You can also get more info over at this website here.


11 August 2015