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5 Materials That Make Great French Doors

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If you are thinking about having French doors installed as a way to provide your home with added aesthetic appeal as well as to increase its value, you're probably wondering which material you should choose. French doors are manufactured in a variety of materials, each with its own advantages. Following are five of the best.


French doors made of solid wood offer a classic look that can range from elegant to rustic depending on the finish or paint selected. For instance, they can be treated with a clear varnish in order to retain the natural look of the wood for a country-cabin feeling, or they can be painted to provide the home with a polished ambiance. Wood is also fairly easy to repair if it's damaged by weather or other causes. The finish on wooden French doors might be subject to fading if they are placed where they receive significant direct sunlight, and they may also chip and peel if they are painted. Because wood expands and contracts as a result of atmospheric humidity levels, it may be a better choice as an interior French door option in areas with temperate climates -- their expansion and contraction may interfere with the airtight seal necessary for optimal energy efficiency if they are used for exterior doors.


Aluminum French doors may provide a better option for homeowners who desire exterior doors in locations where temperature fluctuations and humidity are a factor. They are basically maintenance free with the exception of keeping them clean, and this can be done using a soft cotton cloth moistened with a mild household detergent. Aluminum French doors are lightweight and durable, and can be treated with a variety of paints and finishes to create an appealing appearance. Those who opt for aluminum, however, should expect a certain amount of environmental weathering to occur and should take particular care to keep exterior surfaces free of organic matter in order to discourage the formation of mold and mildew colonies.


Steel is an excellent material for French doors in homes that are situated in areas where security measures are advisable. Steel is a strong, durable substance that does not break or bend easily, and they also provide an edgy, industrial look that is popular among many modern homeowners. It is also a better material choice than either wood or aluminum in areas that experience seasonal wildfires. Like wood, steel French doors have to be painted and primed, and steel will also have to be treated with special primers in order to provide rust protection. Steel is probably a poor idea for interior French doors unless the design aim is for an extremely industrial look -- which is popular in certain parts of the country but will probably be outdated within a few years.


Many of today's homeowners are opting for fiberglass French doors because they provide the best of other options without the disadvantages. For instance, fiberglass can be finished to realistically look like wood but doesn't have the maintenance requirements of wood. Fiberglass also remains stable throughout temperature and humidity changes and is scratch resistant. Fiberglass works well for both interior and exterior French doors in all types of climates.


Vinyl French doors are the ultimate low maintenance option for those who want French doors that are able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear -- they are perfect for households that include active children because their nonporous surfaces are almost impossible to dent or scratch.

No matter what material you choose for your French doors, they are a classic feature that will allow more light into your home and provide you with increased aesthetic appeal. Your local contractor can help you decide which material best meets your personal needs and preferences. Have a peek at this website for more information. 


13 May 2015