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3 Ways To Turn Your Woodburning Stove Into A Modern Masterpiece

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If you have decided to update your home with modern touches and minimalistic furniture, you might be wondering what to do about that old, clunky wood burning stove parked right in the middle of your living room. Although you might be tempted to rip it out, you might be able to update your fireplace area by changing a few things. Here are three ways to turn wood burning stoves into modern masterpieces:

1: Repaint the Exterior

Do you love the heat that your stove gives off in the winter, but hate the way that your fireplace looks the rest of the year? Although you might feel like you have to decide between making that stove look better and actually using it, with heat resistant paint, you can have the best of both worlds. This special enamel coating is designed to withstand high temperatures without lighting on fire, changing color, or cracking.

Also, since heat resistant paint comes in several different colors, you can change your stove to your heart's content. You might decide to paint the flue white to match the wall behind it, or the stove body bright teal to give your room a little pop of color. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that the paint is designed to withstand heat, but not to protect materials beneath the surface. For example, if your wood burning stove was damaged and repaired improperly with brick mortar, your heat resistant paint might not keep that repair from starting ablaze.

Before you paint your wood burning stove, clean the entire interior and exterior surfaces carefully. Use sandpaper or steel wool to remove rust spots and chipped paint, and wash away greasy spots with lacquer thinner. The cleaner your stove is, the better the heat resistant paint will adhere to the surface.  By adding a fresh coat of paint, you can bring your stove into the 21st century.  

2: Switch Out That Stone

After you update your stove with new paint, you might notice that the stone surround behind the fixture looks a little dated. Those geometrically arranged volcanic stones might have been all the rage forty years ago, but what will you do with them now? Although you might be tempted to paint over the rocks too, that strange geometric pattern might shine through and make your living room look botched.

Instead of leaving those rocks in place for another half-century, consider replacing them with a fresh set of stone. Professional contractors can break out old rocks, refinish the surface, and install brand new versions. For a modern look, consider adding stone to the entire wall, or using smooth, lightly colored tile laid in straight lines. With new stone, your fireplace might become a centerpiece, instead of looking like an eyesore.        

3: Create An Interior Display

If you really want to make your wood burning stove look special, think about creating an interior display. In addition to adding a touch of visual interest, these interior displays can be used year-round:

  • Candles: For a more controlled glow, consider stocking your fireplace interior with white pillar candles. For a more distinguished look, add long, tapered candles with intricate silver candlesticks.
  • Arranged Wood: If you want to make your fireplace look organized and ready for use, keep a decorative bundle of wood in that interior. For a more modern take on wood storage, consider storing longs on their side, and then filling the interior to the brim—with the ends flush with the outside.
  • Houseplants: During the summer, consider using your wood burning stove to store leafy houseplants or beautiful succulents.

By updating your wood burning stove, you can hang onto a functional piece of equipment, without compromising your style. 


15 April 2015