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Trouble In Paradise? 3 Hot Tub Issues And What They Might Mean

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Do you remember the day you had your hot tub installed? You probably imagined long, relaxing soak sessions after work or fun parties with all of your friends. Unfortunately, if your hot tub has had problems lately, you might not be enjoying your spa as much as you could. Here are three hot tub issues and what they might mean, so that you can resolve problems and relish in your investment:

1: Gross Water

The minute friends and family members spot a hot tub in your back yard, they might start setting up times to come over and bask in that bubbly outdoor spa. Unfortunately, gross water can abruptly halt any get-togethers you have planned. Here are four signs something is wrong with your water, and what you might need to do to correct the problem: 

  • Cloudy: Is your spa water a little murky? Cloudy water usually means that there are fine particulates and grime suspended in your hot tub. To correct the problem, you might need to adjust sanitizer levels, replace your filter, or make sure that people wash up before using your spa.  
  • Smelly: Bacteria and viruses thrive in warm, moist places. Unfortunately, unless your spa water chemistry is on point, your water might become riddled with dangerous pathogens—which can also make your spa stink. If your water doesn't smell quite right, hire a professional to test your chemistry and correct any imbalances.
  • Algae: Is the inside of your hot tub surrounded with slimy films and floating algae? If so, you might need to add an algaecide to kill off that grime.
  • Mineral Build Up: Even if your water is crystal clear, you might have trouble with unattractive, chalky, green-blue lime scale building around the edges of your water. This issue is usually caused by hard water, which can actually clog your water jets and cause problems with your hot tub. However, treating your water with a water softener can remove the calcium and magnesium particles from your water, so that your tub stays clean.

Don't let a little weird water keep you from enjoying your hot tub. Document issues, correct problems as they occur, and consult with a professional if you have recurring trouble.  

2: Shell Damage

It might have been hilarious with your buddy did a full-fledged cannon ball into your spa, but that impact might have left behind serious shell trauma. Unfortunately, some people decide to ignore a warped or cracked spa shell, which can lead to some unpleasant issues down the road.

If you ignore small cracks, water can leak out of your spa and throw off your water chemistry. Leaking water can also short out electrical connections, causing malfunctioning motors and eventually total system failures. Believe it or not, small structural problems can even compromise the integrity of your entire hot tub, which could create a disaster area later. After all, what would you do if all of the water gushed out of your hot tub and into your basement?

To fend off trouble, inspect your hot tub for structural damage regularly. If you notice bubbled paint, warped panels, or cracks in the shell, contact a professional right away. After inspecting the area and bracing the walls for support, professionals can fill cracks with durable, waterproof resins to restore strength to your hot tub. 

3: Quirky Electrical Issues

Does your hot tub ever act quirky? Electrical problems can be difficult to diagnose, and even harder to correct. Here are a few things to watch out for, so that you can preserve your investment:

  • No Heat: If your hot tub doesn't come up to temperature quickly or remain at a constant heat, you might have a failing heating element or a troubled thermostat. Unfortunately, these systems work in close conjunction with one another, and it can be tricky to replace proprietary equipment.
  • GFCI Trips: Nothing is more frustrating than a hot tub that shuts down in the middle of a party. However, hot tubs are typically designed to run off of a special outlet called a GFCI, which is designed to trip if too much current is flowing. If you simply replace your fuse to keep your water warm, you could damage your entire electrical panel.

If you seem to be having electrical problems with your hot tub, contact a professional electrician or spa contractor at a place like California Home Spas & Patio. Experts can quickly test on-board spa electrical panels to check for system shorts, so that you can stay comfortable and safe. 


24 March 2015