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5 Misconceptions About Bidets


Even if you are the most frugal of people, you can still allow yourself some luxury, sometimes in unexpected places.  One way that you can spoil yourself, for quite a small expense, is by having a bidet installed in your bathroom. You might be hesitant to purchase a bidet, probably due to the numerous misconceptions that exist about bidets.  

Bidets Are Hard to Use

Depending on methods used, bidets can actually be easier to use that toilet paper! Now while it's true that old school bidet models that feature traditional faucet spouts were more awkward to use than modern ones, those are mostly done away with these days. Modern bidets operate smoothly, with simple touch controls on the side of the unit. Nicer models are equipped with infrared remote control, so you don't have to reach down to operate the device.  

Bidets Are Not Economically Friendly

In today's eco-friendly, pro water conservation era you may think the water used in a bidet is going to waste. Not actually the case if you compare the amount of water you use compared to the amount of toilet paper you save. Up to 27,000 trees are needed just for a day's worth of  global toilet paper use. That's just the savings on toilet paper. The amount of water you use per day in a bidet will most likely not even come close to the amount of water you use on your daily shower. By making the switch, you stand to help the environment. 

Bidets Aren't Comfortable

Granted they will be somewhat awkward to get used to for a first timer, but there's nothing about bidets that isn't designed with your comfort in mind. From the warm water jets to the heated seats and customizable settings, you can keep your bidet at the temperature and performance you prefer with no hassle involved.  

You Have to Use a Special Toilet To Have a Bidet

You don't need to purchase a whole new toilet in order to add a bidet to your bathroom. Bidet seats can actually mount on most modern and standard designed toilets. In most cases the seat will match the color scheme, so it will already look like it was meant to be a part of the existing unit. Most plumbers will have knowledge about what sort of bidet is best for your particular toilet and can help you with the purchasing process, so you don't end up with a bidet that doesn't fit your toilet.   

Bidets Are Too Hard to Install 

To be completely fair, this misconception used to be somewhat true. A plumber or experienced handyman would have to install an additional fixture near the toilet in order for the bidet to operate properly. With modern seats, it's just a simple matter of dismounting the existing toilet seat and lid and attaching the bidet seat to your bowl.

Standard toilets use two mounting holes which are repurposed for attaching the bidet seat, so you already have most of what you need in your home. Apart from that, you'll need an electrical outlet free in your bathroom as well as a single cold water connection, which is already provided for you right there with the toilet tank. If you don't feel comfortable playing handyman, your local plumbing company should have skilled plumbers on hand who can install your bidet in a few hours or less.   

Home bidet installation can be simple, and bidets are easy to use and a major upgrade to your bathroom. If you've been on the fence due to one of these common misconceptions, it might be time for you to go out and start searching for your new bidet! If you still have questions, you can contact a local plumber


23 January 2015