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4 Ways To Protect Your Auto Paint


There is nothing quite like the bright, clean shine of a new car: no dents, no scratches, no dings, and a perfectly applied layer of paint. A car's first layer of protection, the auto paint, is susceptible to quite a few things. The most common causes of automotive paint becoming faded or ruined include temperature changes, bird droppings, moisture, small stones, and gasoline spills. However, there are many different ways to protect your auto paint. The most popular methods of protecting a car's paint are regular waxing, a spray on sealant, and paint protection films.

Car Waxes

Car waxes provide protection and shine to any car they are applied on. Carnauba or turtle wax will protect the paint from UV rays as well as moisture. These are two of the most major causes of flaws in the paint job. Wax also prevents oxidation, more commonly known as rust, from harming the paint.

Waxes must be applied roughly every two months. If you plan on waxing your car yourself, realize that this is a fair amount of work in order to ensure that the wax remains on your vehicle long enough to protect it. You need to take great care to wax your car when it is 100% free of moisture. You also have to take great care to apply the thinnest, most even coverage possible which can be quite laborious. It is important to keep in mind that if you live in a warm, humid environment, the wax will not last as long.

Liquid Paint Sealant

Car sealant is a much more durable method of protection: the sealant will last anywhere from 4 months to a year, with some sealants. There are many reputable companies that produce paint sealants which are easy to apply. These are made from synthetic polymers, and they range from $25 to $40 or more per bottle.

These synthetic paint sealants are applied in liquid form and are spread over the surface of the car. They are considered to be easier to apply than waxes and they also last longer. On the whole, these sealants seem to be a better buy than car waxes. However, purists often argue that a car wax offers a more legitimate and natural looking finish. If you are hesitant to apply a sealant to your car yourself, most body shops will apply the sealant for you for a reasonable price.

Paint Protection Films

Another interesting product on the market takes a different tactic. Instead of coating the paint with a wax or liquid, a paint protection film is a film that is applied directly above a fresh coat of paint. The paint protective film is either applied as a spray on film or custom made and applied to your vehicle in sheets. The film offers an invisible, durable defense. The layer is a plastic, which protects your auto paint against gravel, sand, salt, and grime. One of the most attractive features of paint protective film is that it won't change the look of your vehicle.

Touch Up Paint

Touch up paints offer exact color matches to previous paints on your vehicle. These products offer a way to fix issues with the paint already on your vehicle. Instead of covering it with a coating, touch up paint allows you to fix issues such as scratches, dings, and larger issues. The paint is sold by identifying the exact color of paint on your vehicle, and then purchasing it in either an aerosol spray form, a paint pen, a small bottle, or a spray gun. The different option make it helpful, as you can customize how much paint you buy to the size of the issue.

These four options allow the car owner to protect and seal their paint, as well as the option to fix any previous issues. By using one or more of these products, you can keep your car's paint looking as new as the day the car was made.


15 January 2015